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Deeper Learning during Storytime, Strategies from Cox Campus

Jan 27, 2022    |   Language & Literacy

If you are looking for fresh inspiration for your curriculum planning in the new year, you might enjoy checking out Cox Campus story guides to pair with popular children’s books. These story guides give tips and conversation-starters that educators can implement while reading with young children in Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classrooms.

The “START” Strategy

Cox Campus story guides use a strategy called “START,” which helps to create rich learning opportunities during storytime, by guiding conversations about the story and the characters. This strategy encourages educators to re-read stories multiple times, digging deeper into the details of the story with each read. 

“START” is an acronym for the following: 

  • State: a simple introduction to the title, author, and main idea of the story (“What is the story about?” “What problems are the characters facing?”

  • Teach: introducing conversations about thoughts or feelings of the characters

  • Ask: using open-ended questions to encourage children to think more deeply about the story

  • Respond: answering children using new words to help increase vocabulary and language skills

  • Tie: wrapping it all up; summarizing the story and your conversation with the children 

To learn more about this strategy, click here

Story Guides for Winter Books

There are many story guides available to pair with popular children’s books and introduce discussions that fit in with the current season. Here are two of these books, and their corresponding story guides, that you might enjoy using in your classroom. 

Snowy Day by Ezar Jack Keats

“START” story guide: The Snowy Day

Main Idea: “Sometimes good things come to an end.”

Cox Campus also has a list of free activities to pair with this particular book to build and extend upon learning with the children in your care.

Immi’s Gift by Karin Littlewood

“START” story guide: Immi’s Gift

Main Idea: “We can make friends by sharing what we have.”

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