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Mealtime Brain-Building Tips

Dec 29, 2023    |   Printables for Educators

Mealtimes are a meaningful and engaging part of the day. Sharing a meal with little ones is an opportunity for community-building, connecting, and learning!  

For example…

Caregivers can introduce new words and numbers to infants and toddlers by naming the foods they’re eating, counting the bites they take, and talking about the way the food looks and tastes. 

Children aged 3-5 can enjoy participating in simple meal preparation by helping measure, add in, and stir ingredients. This process invites the use of verbal, fine motor, and math skills!

You can find additional ways to make mealtimes meaningful with this free printable tip sheet from Vroom.org. The downloadable sheet includes tips for children of all ages, from infants to five-year-olds.

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